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Navigating London's Job Market: Part #1

Hey there! So, my husband and I are from India, and we're looking to move to London. But of course, we need a job that offers visa sponsorship first. Lucky for us, we both have six years of experience in our respective industries - he's a forensic consultant and I run my own ad agency.

We've actually been thinking about moving to London since the beginning of the year, and after doing a ton of research, we're finally sure about it. We see a lot of good growth opportunities and exposure there, so we're ready to take the leap.

To get started, we reached out to a bunch of friends who already work in London at corporates who offer visa sponsorship to see how they landed their jobs and what the process was like. We want to continue working in the same industry - he wants to take up something in forensic and likewise I love my work, I want to stick to advertising.

For anyone else who's thinking about making a move like this, I'd suggest doing your research, figuring out what interests you, and then reach out to people who work at companies you're interested in. Right now, we're in the phase of connecting with people on LinkedIn who are hiring or know someone who is. It's definitely a long and tiring process, and we spend at least an hour every day trying to find people who can help us get an interview.

But we're staying patient, trusting the process, and believing in ourselves and our skills. We also spent the first two months working on our portfolios, gathering all the relevant experience from our six years of work.

So far, we've been following this process for my husband. If he gets a visa sponsorship, I can just come along with him. Meanwhile, I'm in the creative industry and can work from anywhere, so I've been focusing on building efficient systems for my team in India and creating a strong portfolio to reach out to potential clients in the UK. I even made a separate website and Instagram page to get started on building my network in the new country. My ultimate goal is to expand my company there.

It's definitely a big move and a lot of work, but we're excited about the possibilities and ready for whatever comes our way. I intend to document our journey of settling in the country, let’s see how it goes!


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