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5 crazy things we did as a part of our manifestation routine

I know this might sound crazy, but my partner and I are the kind of people who go the extra mile and put 100% into everything we do. Here are some of the things we're doing as part of our manifestation routine:

#1 - We haven't made any travel plans.

We're manifesting moving to London in June 2023, and we want to travel to Vietnam at the end of this year. However, we're not booking our flights yet because we think we'll be in London by June 2023. We want to wait and not plan any trips since we might have to book these flights from London. Yes, it sounds crazy as if our lives have stopped, but we don't want to send out mixed signals to the universe. We're confident and believe that the universe is conspiring to make our dreams come true. It is our faith in the manifestation.

#2 - My wife has already started packing 🙈

So just look at the scenario - we only have about 3 months to wrap things up. Of course, I need to plan, make lists, and think of everything we may need in London. I have not started packing, but I have started making lists of everything important - medicines, documents, things we may need for our home.

#3 - Shopping but not shopping.

We have completely stopped buying new clothes. And if we do, we ask ourselves this question: “Will I take this with me? If not, let’s not buy it.” We want to sync our routines with our visualization and manifestation. We do not want to send out any signals that we have doubts because we don't. We believe in the universe, and it has so far given us everything we have asked for.

#4 - Renovation Plans.

We have put our bedroom renovation on hold. We met with the interior designer, got our estimates in January, but we have put all the plans on hold because we are moving, and there’s no point in renovating this space. Okay, this one is not crazy, but it is practical.

#5 - Handovers.

We have started investing in systems and setting up overseas accounts for my wife’s business so that she can manage everything remotely. We have also started identifying accounts and clients that we may have to let go, people we may have to assign more responsibilities to, but overall, the business goals have completely moved to going global and setting up systems for efficient and smooth transition.

That’s all! I don’t know if there are more, but you get the point - we completely believe in this process of manifestation, and the universe has always brought us everything we have asked for.


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